Dm3ll3n Feedback

Feedback is appreciated!


It was a pleasure dealing with @dm3ll3n
Smooth transaction :100:

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Smooth as well. Prompt payment, no hassles. Thanks again!

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Super smooth transaction and great communication!

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I had an smooth transaction with @dm3ll3n . I wouldn’t hesitate to do business with them again.

Prompt payment and good communication. Would do business with them again :+1:

@dm3ll3n was incredibly easy to work with. He paid promptly and let me know once the throws arrived, which is always a plus, something that not all buyers do.

I had two transactions with @dm3ll3n and everything went totally swimmingly :+1:t5: He‘s a very reliable, trustworthy and friendly guy and it has been great joy being in contact with him. Fast replies, fast payment and he contacted me after receiving the package to let me know his thoughts on the throws and the whole package.
Looking forward to getting in contact with Dm3ll3n again! Thanks for everything, mate :pray:t4:

One of the smoothest experiences I have ever had in YYE bst was with @dm3ll3n. It was a pleasure.