Dietz One Drop


Does the dietz feel ridiculously light, because it only weighs like 62 grams. I know I could just add side effects, but those are sold out virtually everywhere. Note- I do not actually have this yoyo in my possession. Just thinking about getting it.


No, the Dietz is great. Doesn’t feel too light at all. Now, I thought the Metropolis felt light. But it looking at the specs, it appears that it’s actually heavier than the Dietz. Dietz must be made of magic or something.


Do you know how it stacks up against the caferacer? (weight wise)


Neither of them feel too light. In fact, the CafeRacer is perfect for me. The Dietz feels nice, weight-wise, but it’s a little too fast for me. I usually change the SE’s to add a little weight to slow it down, but then I get that little ‘thunk’ at the end of the string.


i feel you about the DIETZ being light. but it always plays super quick compared to other light yoyos. the rims are the cause to that. spectacular nevertheless.