Did i screw up?

i bought a puffin sasquatch and chief for 168 dollars, chief and sas come with box and they all have a bit of damage to the paint was this a good catch, also what is a cliff worth?

That’s such a bad deal. Lo. J/K

But you got a good ar OK deal. As 150 $ you get one clyw but you got 2 so good.

What color ways are they?

If you honestly got a Puffin, Sasquatch, and a Chief for $168, that’s a fantastic deal. Depending on condition and colorway, I’d say a Cliff could go for anywhere from $75-115

CLYW for $50 a piece, I’d say that was a pretty good deal.

yeah on the description and all the photos showed a sas a chief and a puffin, and the cliff has ninja hurdles as color way and very little damage on it

Seems like you got a good deal

Unless they are all beat (which would still be an ok deal) you got a pretty decent deal to say the least. :slight_smile:

they did have some noticeable scratches but not to many, two of the came with fully intact boxes, how does the puffin and sas play i never had either before.

some would say they are now outdated with the new versions of the two but the puffin I prefer over the puffin 2! it has a more classic profile like the peak so it doesn’t let you get sloppy and it more prone to tilt.

the sas I haven’t played either so couldn’t say. :frowning:

did the sas get a new version which one is it?

yep i agree if they damage isnt too serious and there not crazy vibey, thats quite a steal imo. :slight_smile:

Dude, that’s a major steal. Lucky you

As for a Cliff, it depends on condition. Minty mint would probably go for around $120-130 and a more damaged one for as low as $70-80 if it’s really bad.

Frankly, I’m always amazed and/or amused by people who make a deal, then come back and ask if it was good or not. :wink:


realistically, when i saw it i didn’t think of it as deal haha i just saw that he was selling a chief, I’ve wanted a second chief for ever now haha but yeah i yoloed it and paid for it, i saw it came with two other clyw’s that i didn’t really pay to much attention to. I almost paid 120 for a jack rabbit chief a few weeks ago I’m glad i waited haha.

I was thinking about buying this lot, but can’t stand dings… Shame cause it really was a great deal. Also figured it would have gone for more.

could it have gone for more? how much do you think?

Not much more because of how questionable it was. It said it had dings and scratches but no pics of them so for any collector, it was definitely not an instant buy.

With more pics of the damage (if minimal) it might have gone for $200 I think.

Also on the sas, I think it is kind of like the new avalanche, essentially the same but very very slightly different.