Developing the Yoyo Chooser Video #4

What other specifications will this application have to choose from to decide your yo yo? How detailed is this going to get? Just curious.

It will determine your yoyo by shape, width, diameter, weight, and material.

Could you include the finish and whether there is an IRG? Maybe response too, but it seems most of the high end have similar response.

I can try. This is a lot of work for one guy. Help from anyone would be appreciated…

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I’m sorry I can’t help you. I’ve got my own stuff to concentrate on. But just know that you are doing a good service. It will all be worth it in the end. I believe in you!

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Thanks for the support ;).

thank you so much i think this is a good thing for not only noobs but also for people who have been yoyoing for a while. i think what would also be helpful is adding price because this would not be hard just filter out the ones at the end for the price range they want.

Yeah you’re right. I’ll try to include that. Thanks a lot for watching guys and I’ll keep making videos as I work on it.