Desperate - please help - looking for mint ILYY Noctu

Hello All

I am looking for help from the community on this - I recently purchsed a ILYY Noctu. I am in love with this yoyo on an unhealthy level :slight_smile: So, after watching it hit the hardwood floor at home while practicing I was more than disgusted with myself. Please guys - if anyone knows where I can still buy a new Noctu or if anyone has one they would sell me, I would pay 150.00 for it, as long as its new, and be totally happy doing so. Please, of anyone has this or knows where I can still find a new one, please let me know ASAP.

On another note, I am really happy I found the site and the forums. This is a truly cool place to meet and discuss the sport. Thanks all…

Ok, please help me find my dreamy new Noctu folks…


Hey guys - just to put this into prospective, I am willing to offer 200 - 250 for this yoyo new in mint condition. I really want another of these. Thanks for your time and consideration…

Best always


You all are great. I got some messages from you all and I really appreciate this a lot…really a lot. I can’t say thanks enough guys.


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Ok, all done guys. I got this from the place in Spain…thanks to everyone who helped me with this. This isn’t a bump, this thread can be deleted if need be. I thank you all for the awesome help!!!