darqk0n3.....Or however you spell it.

This guy is really cool to deal with. He is pretty chill, like myself.
Our deal included him doing a transaction with YYE, and sending it to me. This is usually an odd situation to be in, and can get quite confusing. But he handled it quite well, and was a pleasure to deal with. I was willing to take a bit of a loss in the deal, because he was really good about making it painless. All around a good guy. But don’t deal with him if reading isn’t your thing, as he loves to write novels. :slight_smile:

standing ovation



Thanks Q.

Totally true. I find him to be a pleasure to chat with myself. Good Guy.

Couldn’t agree more Q!

he was! very kind, and just an all around great guy

He is the holder of my trader virginity :-[

20+ trades later here I am, and I learned it all all from him! Great guy, insanely helpful (especially to those newbies), great to talk to and just downright awesome

6/5 stars for you!

I’ve done a couple trades with him and run into no problems. hes a nice guy, dont hesitate to trade with him :slight_smile:

Thanks everyone, I might just be coming back around more often depending on how things turn out at work. :-\