Darnell Hairston-Abandoned Please watch




Your style is so much like Harold Owens’s it’s not even funny :o I was half expecting a palm grind at the end of the video. Anyways it was still great, loved every trick!


You think so? Name of my tricks are inspired by him, I barely watch him. I get my inspiration from Isaac Sams, Zach Gormley, and Andrew Maider. But the tricks in this video are inspired by Maider, and Ike.


Looks like im not the only one who likes thier string long!! Good stuff bruh!!

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Now I can definitely see all the players you’ve mentioned in you tricks. I think what pushed me over the edge was at 0:42. That’s one his tricks isn’t it?


No, That’s Gentry’s.


Flow for days.


Your in Fort Collins like me right