was gonna get a clyw ava, but shipping was 80 freaking bucks. thats just ridiculous



Wait till after Christmas is over…


thats the base shipping. for the cheapest shipping.
anyone selling a mint/near mint avalanche?


It told me base shipping is 5 dollars.


im was getting the redbike edit. from redbike.com


Basic USPS shipping for me is like $2-$3, maybe it’s a glitch in the system or something.

(Connor) #7

Your profile says you live in the states. I have no idea what your talking about with the “redbike” but base shipping is only about $6 for priority.

Its either a glitch or your looking at something wrong.


clyw made 12 redbike edit. avalanches for redbike, a store in Canada. http://store.redbike.ca/RT-1.html
its in Edmonton
i do live in the states


Eighty bucks seems to a little out of hand. Just out of interest I calculated my shipping charges to be $11.23 from the redbike site. But then again, I live on Vancouver Island. BTW, what a beautiful colour way on the Ava.

(Connor) #10

Thats for priority worldwide. No wonder its $80.

You can get US Business Expedited which is $22 and very reasonable.


ya that is reasonable