Dark Magic default string

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Hey guys, I have a couple of questions. Does anyone know the name of the default string that comes on the Dark Magic? Also, how well does the Dark Magic play with the String Slick 6 as opposed to it’s default string it came with?


i dont know what kinda string it comes with but with the slicks it playes pretty good a little more unresponsive but it works fine, i prefer the slick string more than the string it came with.


YoYoJam Jam String.

The Dark Magic will play great with any string.

I always use Slick 6, and I love it. Very durable, soft, and lasts long.

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Although, not to many yo-yos can show their peak performance using cotton string. That is my opinion but it is also a fact. I like cottons, but they tighten up quickly. You also have a higher chance of the string breaking and your yo-yo flying away. But whatever suits you! ;D


Slick 6 isn’t cotton. It’s 50% cotton, 50% polyester.

Neither is Jam String. It’s also Slick 6, but with a different name.


Dark Magics, like most YoYoJams, comes stock with Slick 8 (Type 8 50/50). It’s a little thicker than Slick 6.

For unresponsive play, I think Slick 6 would be a great choice!

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Uhhh, I never said it was cotton string?

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I think Rudy referred to “any string” when he said cotton. Seems pretty logical.

And slick 6 feels great. I just don’t use it because it sucks up humidity a lot easier than cotton.


Oh, I thought you meant it was cotton. Sorry. :wink:

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Yea! There we go!! Thanks Pheenix ;D

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It’s cool. :smiley: