Dark Magic Cap

How do I get new Dark Magic Caps? I lost mine somewhere…:frowning:

u cant

find someone that has some for sale? or trade or something??? thats your only hope…

The caps aren’t really necessary. But if you really want them, like empirestrings said, try checking around for people that might want to trade 'em :slight_smile:

Just email YoYoJam: YoYoJamInfo@gmail.com
They will be able to help you out. :wink:

So i heard from other threads that if I email Andre Boulay by email and ask him for caps, they said he will send some, well thats what i heard O.o

Post above you :wink:

YoYoExpert = Andre Boulay = Awesomest Yoist ever!

Its “YoYoer” :stuck_out_tongue:

How long does it take to respond back to an email? O.o

Well YYJ probably gets a lot… so a day?