Dark Magic Cap


How do I get new Dark Magic Caps? I lost mine somewhere…:frowning:


u cant

(empirestrings) #3

find someone that has some for sale? or trade or something??? thats your only hope…

(D@§h!zn!t) #4

The caps aren’t really necessary. But if you really want them, like empirestrings said, try checking around for people that might want to trade 'em :slight_smile:


Just email YoYoJam: YoYoJamInfo@gmail.com
They will be able to help you out. :wink:


So i heard from other threads that if I email Andre Boulay by email and ask him for caps, they said he will send some, well thats what i heard O.o


Post above you :wink:

YoYoExpert = Andre Boulay = Awesomest Yoist ever!


Its “YoYoer” :stuck_out_tongue:


How long does it take to respond back to an email? O.o


Well YYJ probably gets a lot… so a day?