Dangerous Yo-yo Plays-Opinion

What yo-yo play do you think is the most dangerous?
1A, 2A, 3A, 4A, or 5A?

Define dangerous. Dangerous to you, dangerous to others, dangerous to the yoyo???

By “play” do you mean “trick”?

If trick is what you’re going for, then I have to say any beginner horizontal tricks are the most dangerous for you and those around you. Until you get comfortable playing on a horizontal plane, you’re basically just whipping around a 60-70g chunk of aluminum on a string in a circle around you.

… 1a, 2a, 3a… etc. sorry for the vagueness…

Yourself 2a, others 4a.

I have a huge bump on my forward from getting hit in my forehead with my Genesis so I’m gonna go with 1A and 5A because my titis always go flying…

5A is danergous when you first start, if you try to push the speed a little to hard you have two objects swining towards your head… having a dice hit you then the yoyo hit you within a couple of seconds sucks.

For me it’s got to be 4A, I’d say I’m fairly good at 4A but I still burn my hand with the string on a daily basis by grabbing it too hard or pulling it too fast.

Don’t apologize, I was a being a bit thick.

I think beginning 5A and 2A are likely the most dangerous for the player and beginner 1A horizontal tricks are the most dangerous for those around the player. After a few weeks of practice all the danger fades, though.

5A is definitely the most dangerous, at least for me. 1A horizontals are dangerous too, but 5A is worse. I’ve hit myself in the head countless times, as well as destroyed lightbulbs…

Ditto here


Light that yoyo on fire and do rock the baby. That’s some dangerous stuff right there.

5a to you 4a to others and sometimes you. 1a swinging tricks are Extremely Dangerous (Paul Han 2011 Perliminarys).

In competitions, 4A and 5A are the riskiest, because dropping the throw is bound to happen more frequently. And lost time means lost points. 4A is generally considered the riskiest, which exlains why less peeps do it, other than it being the hardest to perform, at least to me and my group. 5A is hard, as well. The other three styles are all on your fnger, so if you mess up, its all you…in 5A and 4A, other factors can occur…Like Rain…or Wind…Or that hot chick in the audience you keep looking at when you pop the 4A yoyo up, Causing you to mess up. :stuck_out_tongue:

Dangerous to people around you:

Dangerous to the yoyo(s):

Dangerous to yourself(injuries):

And string burns, gotta hate the string burns.

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yourself? 2A

Others? 5A and 4A

I personally would say 1A, only because people tend to push how fast they can do tricks. The faster the trick, the more likely it is to end up losing control.

5A to self(Unless you count horizontal)

5A and 4A to others.

1A can be dangerous if you do horizontals ( it could just be me being a noob) :wink:

yo-ing to a non-kosher song during Nat’s, or any recognized yoyo competition.
Example: Yo-ing to the Brutal Death metal song “Baby Killer” from Texas band Devourment. And headbanging to it while doing said routine I’m sure would help the point even more.

SOme non-kosher songs are okay. Reets are not, apparently.