Cuts like butter. (Battosai Photography)

I couldn’t think of what to do w/ my little swordmaster, until thought about the name, Battosai. So, I took a sword, and, with the help of a red bed comforter, made some sweet little shots of my new pocket carry :slight_smile:

I only have one problem with these pictures.
You should use a more organic or softer (not sure what word I’m looking for here, but it’s one of those. maybe even both) especially on the 4th and 5th picture which happen to be my favorite shots. Not sure what you used, but also, try not to use flash. The intense light splotches on the yo-yo really bring the quality done.

Great shots, nice angles, work on lighting and overall shooting technique. :smiley:

I tried no flash, but my lighting in my room gives off an orange tone, and the picture turned out kinda crappy. Normally, I’m not a flash person.

I just thought… in a bowl of rose petals?

I think it would work w/ cherry blossom or perfume cloud, but I dunno about this :confused: I could always try.

Although mother might wonder why her roses are bald :smiley: