Custom anno

I just got a dif e yo crossbones and a spyy pistolero in a trade today and I want just wondering if there was anyone out there who could anno them for me. I don’t want anything difficult, I just don’t like bare aluminum.

You should try contacting a local metal shop in your area that does annodization.

Check out the owner of Rebel Yoyos. Or mullicabob could powder coat it for you.

Mullicabob turned my bad apples Skywalker into a thing of beauty with a translucent powder coat. And it was less than $40 including shipping. It also takes a beating. I slammed this on the tile floor in my classroom and there’s not a mark on it. WHEW!

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My pistolero has engraving around the rims, could I have the engraving white and the rest black? Like it is stock?

White ano is like a unicorn. Some say it exists some may have even seen it. White powder coat is very available but to do your engraving in white would be very pricey as it would require tons of masking and is labor intensive.

That’s the kind of free advertising I like. Consider yourself highly discounted for the next project.