could the fact that my throws are 95 percent of the time 95 percent straight

effect spin time enough that a cant get through tricks like the full ladder escape

To answer this accurately for you, you’re going to have to give us some concrete sleep times.

Are you getting more than 30-40 seconds of usable sleep? If so, then Ladder Escape is more than possible, and you need to be moving through the trick faster than you are now.

If you’re not getting that kind of sleep time, you need to look carefully at the power behind your throw, and your bearing.

I just tested it i get about 33 seconds of solid sleep time after that it starts to turn

Hmm…I am thinking that your throw is in fact, off. My throw is very off as well, and I can get more spin time then that with a Velocity. I suggest just play, keep working on the tricks, and get smoother. It will probably be better for you to get better at tricks overall. Just keep trying, and make sure you do the trick smoothly for maximum potential. If you have the yoyo just sitting there are times, hitting strings and not doing the correct maneuvers, then you will lose much spin.

With big tricks like ladder escape, long spin time is absolutely essential. So I suggest getting your throw 100% straight and maybe you need to take a look at your bearing. It could be worn out or just need a little lube. But I think the main problem is your throw. If it isn’t straight, that string is gonna rub against the yoyo and any kind of friction is going to really kill your spin time. Don’t worry. You’ll get em straighter with time.

Bear in mind, Ladder Escape is a very intense trick. Your yoyo goes through alot, weaving in and out of places, bouncing off strings, etc. It takes more spin time than just sitting there. Either speed up your movements, or do what the others say, check up on your throw.