Corvallis Oregon Club?


Anyone know if there is any clubs or throwers in Corvallis? I only know like 3 people, didn’t know if there was a club of some sort in town.
Any help would be awesome!


Did you ever find a club? I know there is one but I can’t find any info on it.


That would be awesome if there was one. I live in Newport and would love ve to go. So. Etimes I go to One drops yoyo club in Eugene but its hard to make it down there. Corvallis is just a jump away. Someone should start one.


Start one! I plan on going to college there at Oregon State in a few years, then I will join.


So, there is a club. We meet usually ever Wednesday. People such as Paul Dang, Jordan Hacherl, and JT nickel are usually there along with a few others, if you want more info just send me a message.