Contest Livestreams

I found Jake’s post and I agree. Why are the contest Livestreams removed?
Is it a YouTube restriction?
Is it a view manipulation thing? If you want to see top 5 you have to click 5 different videos.

I mean most of us don’t have the luxury to travel the country/world to attend contests.

Let’s also consider, yo-yoing can be a lonely hobby. We may be in a healthy committed relationship, but our spouses and or kids may not get us. So the vacation time we do have we end up doing some the household enjoys together.

I work from home and I would love to be able to start the whole Livestream at the start of my day to watch while working.

That’s how I see it from where I am at.



almost always a music copyright issue, e.g. one player at a contest last year (i forget which, i think worlds) used linkin park and got the whole livestream restricted (probably other songs too but linkin park is a common one)

since the video runs for like 8-12 hours and if youtube sees copyrighted/restricted music anywhere in it the whole video gets disabled


I can understand that, but wasn’t there a big issue last year about music and music format to stop that?

No that was just a mistranslation/miscommunication, the intended effect of the ruling was to make players obtain high quality copies (e.g. direct mp3 from a storefront) rather than just ripping a youtube video. Full context here:

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