Contest Anxiety

try raise against if your looking for clean/slightly explicit punk rock or try tsunami bomb

Well, I did my routine successfully! I can honestly say I wasn’t nervous at all, and I only missed half a trick. I placed 29th out of 34, which was pretty good for me considering that I was the newest player there at only 5 months in. I had a pretty awesome time hanging out with some great throwers, so thanks to everyone I met there for making this a great couple of days!

Awesome, Hendy!

Man I get sooo nervous on stage. Adam Brewsters breathing trick works wonders. Washing your hands is a necessity. You just gotta keep it cool.

Happy to hear it went well for you.

Let go, Let your stresses go and focus.
and remember to have fun.

Next time you go competing, just remember: Dont over think it, just let your yoyo do the talking :wink: