Contacting Chris from Clyw? :O


Trying to get Chris’ approval on a re color for my throw, but was advised to talk to Chris before I could continue. I’ve used the contact tab on the CLYW website and have pm’d him here at YYE. Is there a better way to contact him to get a faster response?


No the contact tab would be the fastest response, I’ve contacted him over the contact tab and usually replies within a day.


How long ago did you use these forms of contacting Chris… If its been in the last 24 hrs. Please be patient. But also what do you mean by “re color” and “approval”? I’m just curious. :wink:


I sent him a private message here about a week ago and still no reply. I’m guessing he doesn’t come here that often.


He probably has one of those special Peaks or Canvases and wants to get it repainted, thus ruining that special paintjob


Ahh haa! Thanks didn’t think of that.


For the record, you don’t need his permission. You might want to get it as a courtesy, and it would be unethical to take a Peak and give it a simulated/repro Levi paint job and then sell it as a real one.

But you don’t actually “need” permission.

The person doing the paint job also doesn’t “need” permission, though they may be inclined to get that kind of permission before going ahead.

IMG_0459 by L my Bs, on Flickr
IMG_0464 by L my Bs, on Flickr

Before Brett started selling his paint jobs he did ask for permission form Chris and Levi. He was doing such a good job that if he wanted he could have tricked people into thinking it was a Levy painted peak. So out of courtesy I dont think he ever tried to copy to the T what Levi did.


I’ll chime in on this because I’m going to be doing the powder coating.

No one needs permission to do what he’s looking for but out of respect I asked ShiiFtyy to contact Chris for the blessing.


As long as you own the yoyo, it’s legal.

It is now your property and you are free to do whatever you want with it.



Welll… it’s not quite THAT simple. You can pretty much do what you want with it as long as you do not use somebody else’s intellectual property fraudulently for profit*.

  • varies from country to country

CLYW and/or Levi should hold an implied copyright (without filing any formal documents) to the iconic image painted on the “Levi peaks” as it is a design rather than a colour combination.

In the same way you cannot try to sell a fake Mona Lisa is a real Mona Lisa, it would be fraudulent to try to sell a “reproduction” Levi as the genuine article. But just as a really pedantic person can legally copy/forge the Mona Lisa for their own edification and enjoyment, you could do the same with any other work of art. It’s the reselling under false premises that is illegal.


Winner winner!!!

Thank you


Quickest way? Message him on Facebook lol


Looks like a great idea. But it feels like I’m being bothersome lmfao, considering the fact that he’s working on the Yeti and all.


I don’t think you will. It’s a small matter and he’s a great dude.


Guess so, I can just put “sorry for all the messages” and then stick a smiley face. Or a heart.


Thanks for the help, everybody!