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HD is your friend

EDIT: yoyonewsin’ http://yoyonews.com/2013/10/19/owen-ekblad-double-feature/


Nice job! I especially loved that combo at 1:21.

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Nice! Definitely some of your best work yet!

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thanks, I just wish it’d catch on like my other videos did :confused:


Really good stuff, Owen!


Great job! Really smooth and technical in some of those tricks, and those combos are phenomenal. I hope to see more of your style sometime.


What are you doing playing on those giant piles of dirt? You’re going to get your tricks all filthy! …too late.

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well thanks for warning me before i filmed :wink:

EDIT: just realized i left it on unlisted… no duh it only had a few views looolz


Crazy good. Great stuff.

I can dig it.

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good. cause for a second there i was doubtin’ you could


Love all of the slacks used in this. Square wheels definitely picked up a creative player.

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bum p

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final bump


Bump :wink:

Love your stuff man! Looks great!


Amazing stuff man!