Collection purging, LF onedrops! [UPDATED 3/25]

Hey folks, doing some collection purging to attempt to finish off my onedrop collection. All prices include shipping to continental US, very steep discounts/love for bulk buying. Some of them have a bit of dust on them (physical evidence that I need to downsize :stuck_out_tongue:), each will be thoroughly cleaned before being shipped, don’t worry!

Looking for the following (with trades/cash):

Clear dome side effects, any mini discs.

Splash colors of the following OD throws:

1-to-1, Kuntosh 5KQV, Yelets, Legendary Terrarian, CODE 1, Downbeat (new/old), Gradient, MMC/MCMO, Diorama, Silhouette, 2016 benchmarks H, O, V (will also take W in a complete set)

Have a splash and want a solid? Will trade a solid + cash for a splash for the Kuntosh 5kqv, terrarians, code1, diorama, and downbeat.

Any color of the following OD throws:

Halifax, Rev 2, Rev, Clique, Fire Devil (non-ridgeback), Eclipse, Cabal, Rally, Burnside, Y Factor, Project 2, Markmont Project, Deeper State

Have a Citizen or GZR CODE2 (also a nickel CODE2)? I’m interested with serious offers!

For sale, all NMTBS unless specified otherwise, all prices negotiable, steep discounts for bulk:

Buy 6 or more and I’ll throw in a case I have for free.


Name Vibe Price Notes
American (b grade half swap) Very slight nail vibe, 9.5/10 20 Surprisingly smooth for a b grade half swap
Avant Garde 2 (raw b grade) nail vibe, 8/10 20 Slight nail vibe
Bettynova Smooth SOLD
Boss Smooth 25
Damage Smooth 30
Flame Smooth 40
Genesis (b grade) slight nail vibe, 9/10 SOLD Probably needs new pads
Godspeed (angelo) Smooth 35 Has some slight anodization splotches, was sold as an A grade
Halo (blue/green fade) Smooth 20 Might need new pads, it’s very grippy
Halo (galaxy) Smooth 20
IQ (b grade for nail vibe) nail vibe, 7/10 SOLD Would say 9/10 on the string, 6/10 if you hold your nail up against the rim
Kinetic Boost (b grade vibe) pulse vibe 25 Has some slight pulse vibe, can’t really feel it on the string but it’s there if you put your nail up to it for sure
Metal Arrow (2018 worlds edition) Smooth 25
Singularity very slight nail vibe (9.8/10) 35 The best binding yoyo I own
Spotlight Smooth 30
Turntable 2 Smooth 50
Will (old ver) Very slight nail vibe (9.5/10) SOLD

Everything Else:

Brand Name Vibe Price Notes
A-RT Dale Smooth 100
Blofield Design Kubrick (raw) Smooth 55
C3yoyodesign Omnitron Smooth SOLD
C3yoyodesign Radius Nexus Smooth 35
Dressel Designs Monarch Smooth SOLD
Duncan Haymaker X Very slight nail vibe (9.8/10?) SOLD
G2 Arbiter Smooth 70
G2 Campaign (heroic) Smooth 45
Hydrangea Magnolia Smooth SOLD
iYoYo Iceberg (new ver) Smooth 40
Jazz Yo Genbu Smooth 150
Luftverk Fulvia 7075+Ti Smooth ON HOLD Comes with box
MagicYoYo Skyva Classic polycarb nail vibe 15
Round Spinning Objects The End Part II (raw) Smooth 140 Comes with box and pin
Round Spinning Objects The End Ti Smooth 310 Comes with pin and box (I found it!)
Taobao Fake TP BGM Smooth offer Has very slight differences from a real BGM, noticable side by side.
Thesis Da Capo (markmont ver) Nail vibe, 6/10 25
Thesis Omniscient Slight nail vibe (9/10) 65
Throwspiral Kappa (scales) Smooth 55 Ding on the outer rim
Topyo Collosus IV Smooth 20
Turning Point Acanthus Smooth 75
UNPRLD Disruption Smooth 90
UNPRLD Motif (raw) Smooth 100
Yotricks Arcade Smooth 15
Yoyofriends Roundabout Smooth 30
Yoyofriends Vulture Smooth 55
Yoyorecreation Comic Sans Smooth 25
Yoyorecreation Futura (cyan) Smooth 25
Yoyorecreation Futura (wine) Smooth 25
Yoyorecreation Rami very weird pulse vibe 55 Has pulse vibe, can’t feel it on the string and it pulses in and out of being smooth slowly, will send a video upon request
Yoyorecreation Supercell React ? Unthrown 45
Yoyorecreation TM Smooth 30
Yoyorecreation Wonder Smooth 310

Other stuff for sale:

  • 30ish (would need to recount now) OD 10 balls of varying ages, $2 ea with a yoyo. Take them all for $45 (this price decreases as I sell more).


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Many people selling Droid / Gravity, but have you noticed Mecha-Bapes are very rare, even though he has made many of them ? That’s because it’s super nice.
I have this one available, even nicer than a SE - because it is super smooth ! Mint, too. Box, goodies, chocolates, the whole shebang. Selling only because I have another one, I wouldn’t sell if it was my last.


Only interested in the side effect version sadly :frowning: I love them too much! The Mecha-Bape non SE though is a great throw though!

i now own the above yoyo (pending the USPS)


Bump! Looking for a seven summit now too :slight_smile:

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Bump! Still looking!

Bump :slight_smile:

Bump! Have plenty of trades and still want these! Hit me up :slight_smile:

Bump! Have a bunch of extra onedrop ten ball bearings if someone is looking to buy them in bulk


I have a benchmark W if you are interested



Still looking.

Bump! Someone has to have a seven summit rotting somewhere…

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It’s too good to just rotting in collection😉

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Bump, added some yoyos for sale. Found 54 and cascade :pray: !


ty ty <3 love for multi and sniff from discord will leave feedback :wink:

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I have one you’re looking for. It has a very small ano chip and a slight scuff. Has monkey snot response currently.