Clareview stations
Bip bop chief (and others)
Money (offers. I will not tell you my asking price)
CLYW Only please

Yoyos. In no order. They’re all there in the picture below.

14 chiefs. Colorways - berry berry, heavy splash clareview, clareview, fg clareview, hulk smash fade, pekka, latitude 53, Delrium dive, gold, silver, mischief, Harrison hurricane, 28stories, 7075 hulk smash.

2 peaks. Colors - dual tone sebby, hulk smash

Sasquatch - blue with red speckle

Arctic circle - fg clareview

Summit - clareview

Bvm2 - grey with green splash and silver speckles

Avalanche - ill vibes purple

Yetis - grey, 2 black.

What for Harrison Hurricane Chief?

My goodness child. 14 chiefs!? and CLYW only!? Damn, you go hard… hahah

Hi I am rugby god. could you put the yetis on ebay I REALLY want one but my mom wont let me buy off of the forums thank you.

Sent you a message, Noah.

if you put the yeti one ebay I would buy it for 50