CLYW, RARE!!!onedrop DANG!!!!!, ilyy

To start off do not have pics. so if you want them pm me. sorry for the inconvenience :-.

  1. Onedrop Wasp edition DANG… offer MINT new in box

  2. Onedrop MINT Pre Pro P2… love this. offer

  3. Ilyy Enigma has some pin pricks hard to see… offer

  4. ilyy Saint Eel Mint comes with pouch and button… offer

  5. Clyw Bear Vs Man or this edition is the Shark Vs Zombie Bever has small weight smudge that i can get out…offer

i am easy so just offer anything. may ship first on anything.

clear dice


onedddrrrroooppp ;D ;D ;D

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what is this a rule ???


oh ok i did not know that sorry :frowning: :-[

No prob, your new, it’s ok

bump ;D