CLYW - Puffin - Blue Blizzard

Which side of my Puffin looks best:
Puffin Blue Blizzard by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Right it has more white on it (this is really cool TA the mods gave you your own little section on this forum just for the splash game)

The credit for that goes to YoyoExpert. He was very supportive of the idea, and he has been very supportive of my creative ideas in general. He is very honest about what will work…or not. My favorite person in yo-yo, for lots of reasons…hands down. He posted about the game on Instagram, and he supports by playing the game too. My favorite player too! :slight_smile:

The left :wink:

Well thats pretty cool Congrats!

EDIT (crap im at 999 post Ill have to think of something good for my 1000 post LOL Maby tomarrow)

^ Wow! Definitely a milestone in forum terms. Congratulations! We’re glad you’re on the forum Erik. Keep the great photos coming too.

Caribou Chris voted on his Puffin in the Instagram version of The Splash Game…cool huh? The right side won on Instagram too, 5 to 13 on Instagram, for the right side. He voted for the winning side too! But, in here, you never know…things can change. :wink: I voted left…so I have hope. :slight_smile:

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Right, the white makes it blizzard stormy.