CLYW Peak for sale.


Paypal only. Absolutely no trades.

There’s one small scratch, one pinprick, and it plays smooth.
It’s a 1/1 Kelly Jordan painted 2nd run CLYW Peak.
It’s actually not pink. Beige-ish.

**This is not the one that smells.

Thanks for looking!


Are you still selling?


Nope, it’s my Peak now! AHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHA


I offered more than you so he is probably selling to me…


What do you mean?


It used to be mine and it is smooth. I rue the day I parted with my Peak!


Can we start banning people who necro 5 month old BST threads to ask if something’s still available? Especially when it’s their first post… Thanks.



Because then we would have to have banned you and everyone els…

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