Clyw one drop more for saleï


Here I have for sale all prices in pounds free shipping anywhere
Payment by pal pal message me if you want to buy. Please contact me via email

One drop Kuntosh gold yellow I think mint no box 50

One drop kuntosh blue clear scratches dings it’s a player 25

Clyw campfire, has some very light marks one ding very nice with box 40 on hold

Clyw bear vs man og all zombie colour no box some light marks 50 on hold

One drop 54 with anti yo side effects some marks nothing major 40

Hspin good and evil all deth from the save deth collaboration 60

({John15}) #2

Wow, these are some excellent deals you have here


Campfire and bvm are now sold


Concur this is a classy collection from a clearly classy person with good taste in yo-yos!


Kuntosh blue and silver sold


54 on hold


Still got some goodness for sale


Still for sale is the impossibly rare h spin all deth
And a peach of a kuntosh




Emailed on SaveDeth…


Any information on shipment of the SaveDeth??:thinking:


Any update on the 54 shipping?

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