The Manatee design started with the Arctic Circle 2; Riccardo wanted a similar feel look with the rims, but asked for a different feel on the string. The Manatee has a super wide profile with a huge catch zone for all those tricky catches, and plenty of rim weight to help you get through those long tricks and combos. The Manatee’s weight distribution makes it really easy to control the speed of your play, whether you are slowing down a trick for video or pushing for ultra-fast contest play.

Releases Tomorrow, July 7th @ 10PM EST!

will there be another release of these??? i want to get my hands on a salmon fade or some other wicked color.

I have a dugong and love it! but I need another one for the collection

No new manatee scheduled to release right now. Try asking CLYW, they might be able to tell you when more will be available.