CLYW Candy Tutorials- Only Half& Half Please


New video Guys this ones got some bounce cuz i had alot of coffee!!


Dude, you already know what I’m gonna say, bada$$ as always! I really like all the vids you post for us, and on a constant basis too! Also, I really hope that was just milk you were drinking at the end and not half and half creamer…that would be kinda nasty lol


lol its coffee with creamer and thanks im glad you guys are enjoying them i plan to do this at least once a week but these are fun tricks to learn and take a while so i hope you enjoy :smiley:




I drink a lot of coffee but it sure does not help me do what you can do.


Just gotta make the right blend my last name is cook and i do work in a kitcen aside from yoyoing so i guess if we ever meet i shall teach you the ways of the barista:D




I look forward to it.