CLYW - BVM2 - YoyoExpert Edition #2

Which side of my BVM2 looks better? Vote in the poll above, or comment your vote…left or right?
BVM2 YYE Edition by TotalArtist Yoyos, on Flickr

Left. I don’t know what it is but theres just something about the right side that I don’t like

I was thinking the exact same things. But, boy does that left side look cool with the black circle and white in the middle. Looks good enough to eat. :smiley:

I like both, but dat black circle is epic.


Left looks sick

That’s my favorite half. I have another YYE Edition BVM2. I’m going to set up a Splash Game double for it. I think this one will win by a landslide.

I love the black circles towards the rim on the left.

right I like the spaceing of the splash. and the almost shadow of black on the side