Does anyone have any idea when the USA release of the avalanche will be? I’ve heard nothing so maybse someone else has.

patience young ones…patience…

Ok, but it seems we have already been patient.

I think there is a little commonwealth favoritism going on here. ;D

I do believe your way to cope would be the Sasquatch. Both Full-sized, and both are amazing from what I’ve heard.

Soon soon soon, is what I keep hearing. I’ve got birthday money that’s burning a hole in my pocket. I’ve been eyeing the Avalanche for a while now, and hope to snag a cool colorway.

I’ve also had my eye on the Y-Factor, 54, Markmont Next, P2. Decisions decisions.

I have a Sasquatch. Why do you think I want an Avalanche so bad?

My post wasn’t necessarily directed to you. What I was saying is that I’m sure both are amazing, and I’m sure the Sasquatch is just as good as the Avalanche.

I would punch a small child in the face to get my hands on one of those. =P

Just bought the Bipbop version!

I tried to get a matterhorn or bip bop but they sold out before I could get my grubby hands on one.

I have two beefs with the Matterhorn and BigBop release.

  1. They did not release when they said they would - I was clicking at 8pm MST and the Avalanches did not show up until 8:25MST or so. By the time it did show up - the Matterhorn was sold out.

  2. They were listed under Fools Gold on the website with a “3 Week return policy” - implying that there might be something wrong with them - AKA Fool’s Gold.

I did not buy one because of the Fool’s Gold listing. I just could not buy a “B” grade yoyo for $125. Apparently, however, they were “Listed in the wrong place”.


I don’t think your getting the point. They have different shapes and feel different, and they’re totally different. Also no yoyo is better or plays better than another. It your opinion/preference.

Well, per the Blog, they are leaving CLYW this week. Of course, it is up to YYE to set the release. I personally cannot wait! :slight_smile: