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Di Base, Winning Bird, Halo, E1NS pure satin, Master Galaxy ZWEI and Punchline sold.
Fluchs pending
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Following yoyos are sold.

E1NS, prototype (test blasting), 1/1, small dot on the anno, has a tiny gap between wall and bearing (kk fixes this), truly collectors item, small vibe
E1NS Pure (polish), very first E1NS, extremely limited, heavy, pads version, perfect condition, some vibe all old yoyos have, collectors yoyo!
E1NS pearl, first run, very limited, perfect condition, smooth
B-grade Super-G, great player, B-grade due to anno
B-grade Avant Garde, great player, B-grade due to anno
SPYY Pro, blue/purple, some surface scratches on the rims, beast of a player
C3 H5, blue, a few very light scuffs
SPYY VSOP Pure, rare Pure, very cool ano/visuals, a piece of history, a few very light scratches that raw yoyos usually have
Anti-yo Fluchs, mint, silicone-mod by the one and only Ferral Parrot

Bump, both E1NSs and P22 pending

E1NSs, P22 & PGM sold


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