Clifton Park NY Meet

Okay, I’ve been getting some people to meet up. In the winter we have been meeting at my house, once we hit march we’ll be going outside where there are benches and picnic tables. It’s normally 11 to whenever. It’s pretty fun, me and Jtman562 had a meet today. We’ll be having 3 or 4 more joining us soon. It’s a pretty fun time, here are some pics of what jtman562 and I took today. Our next meet is next weekend. Feb. 19.

It’s a fun time, you should come by us.

Looking way to good with whatever you’re throwing there, Joey! Unfortunately I’m not going to be able to make it up to NY this time of year. If it was summer it woudl be a different story. Snowboarding > Yoyoing hahaha

Thanks Pat. It’s a skyline BTW. No more HaTrick.

Whats the address, I may make it…

PM me, i MAY schedule another meet next weekend. The 26th maybe at my house in the basement. Instead of Mcdanalds ;D

Please come Jim. I miss you.

I will pay you to come…

To much going on.

This was planned to short notice that I won’t be able to make it, possibly I could make an April Vacation one, but for now I am not sure.

it’s cool, there will be many more in the future.