Clear modded FHZ

YoYoJustin commissioned this one for me. He sent me the LEDs and the o-rings to fit under the caps. We decided to try polishing it back up instead of satining it after cutting it down. It is 51.5mm in diameter and weighs in at approximately 65 grams. I also cut two 45 degree angles after reprofiling it. I then started at 400 grit, worked my way through 600,800,1000,1500,2000 & 2500 grit wet/dry sandpaper. Afterwards, I treated it to a 3 step plastic polish. I spent as much time sanding and polishing as I did cutting! It also features dual silicone response, shmoove rings and an FHZip bearing.

AWESOME! :o :o
Get any vids of you using it in the dark? Or even pics of it spinning?

Here ya go!

Oh, and here’s an Enyo I did similarly for St. Jimmy last week:

Just Beautiful