cleaning response recess?

an ipad fell out of my bassalope today (pretty randomly) and it left all sorts of adhesive gunk all over the recess.i need to silicone it for a trade!

You can use the same solvents as you would for cleaning your bearings, acetone, mineral spirits, or lighter fluid, along with cotton swabs to clean the gunk out. For goo that is really stuck in there you could also employ a tooth pick for the job.

what I do when I replace my silicone is just take some rubbing alcohol and a cotton swab
wet down the q tip and just clean out the recess, then re sili it.

Goo-gone is a great product.

Also, many people underestimate the usefulness of nail polish remover. It takes off paint, sticky stuff, and other sticky type objects that you don’t want sticking to things. I always keep a bottle handy.

Or you can use a toothpick to scratch out the silicone in the edges.

nail polish remover is so amazing because it has acetone in it. :slight_smile:
I used to use it to clean skateboard bearings until I learned about mineral spirits.