Classic YoYos

(_|@<06) #1

Ok so the other day i was lookin on my dresser and i picked up my hitman and was like…hmmmm ive practiced on my hitman…i wonder what i can do with my old raider! and i started just busting lose with my stock raider lol it was fun!

What yoyos do you use that you break out and go nuts with every once in a while that you dont use too often?

(JonasK) #2

I always pick up a Mosquito or a Stealth Fire to do some flyaway dismounts. Responsive play is quite fun. Gives a certain kick to just return the yoyo with a small tug/pop.

(Mikey) #3

saber raider!

(SR) #4

I can do the matrix with a profire.

(Jesse) #5

I like breaking out the Kickside and Lyn Fury. I have to sell these though to make some money!

(_|@<06) #6

more? come on I know theres more :wink:


i live to use my sleep machine and no jive 3 in 1 when im bored, super fun to try and do all your tricks on those.


Sometimes I go crazy with my Mosquito, I actully did Superman with it once!

(Jeromy K.) #9

I pull out my Black Mamba and do string tricks I usualy do Matrix it’s the easyest to do and fun.