cheap yoyos and deals for multiples

***** everything in this BST for 150 + shipping we can talk it out if you only want a couple things, just gotta get some cash
buy one get the second 50% off
Buy 2 get one of equal or lesser value free
Will trade for
The yoyo ethan cheung uses
40oz hydro flask matte black
Adegle PSG- $5
FHZ- $15
Silly Goose, missing axle/stax- $15
Onestar- $5
loop 900- $10
loop 1080- $10
traccia pair- $15
hornet pair- $20
Fireball pair- $20
dogmas- $35/pair $20 for single
shake- $60
tchockie- $30
please pm me to inquire about shipping. Cheers!

also want to trade my edge for a solid color edge!