CHEAP!!! CLYW and more!

I have some yoyo’s for sale!! I’d also trade for yu gi oh decks. OFFER ME SOME PRICES
-Ernest Kahn MisChief color Chief. 5 scrapes and 5 pinpricks dings
-Silver Bip Bop Gnarwhal v1. about 10 dings, they’re in places close together so its hard to get a full count

  • Purple and pink Arctic Circle. each side had two small pinprick dings from slightly hitting the floor but barely noticable
    -GONE Silver with Purple and yellow splash Canvas GONE

Other yoyo’s:
-Crucial Delicious blue (i lost the axle in a field while changing the string so it needs a new axle but the two sides are still in pretty good condition.) (GONE)

  • Yoyo Factory red G5 (comes with 2 pairs of stacks)
    -YoyoJam Eneme Custom painted
    -SPYY Skyy Chaser star grade

I’d be interested in your chief and Ac