Central Florida Yo Yo Club - 2024 Schedule is here!

Hey y’all! I hope everyone’s had a most excellent holiday season to close out this year. While I wallow in the glory of my 2023 stay-cation, I thought I could be a little productive and get a head start on scheduling the Central Florida Yo Yo Club meet ups for the WHOLE YEAR of 2024!

Individually scheduling each event last year proved to be difficult for me, my apologies to everyone that had hoped to meet more often. That will be remedied! Let’s meet the second Sunday of each month in 2024 :smiley:

I can’t wait to see you all, and hopefully many new faces, next year!!!


Our first meet for 2024 is coming this Sunday in Orlando, FL at Persimmon Hollow, near downtown!

We’ll be there from Noon to 4pm (maybe later?)

Can’t wait to see y’all there!!!

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Just a few hours until yoyo club, hope lots of people make it out.


We are here! Taking over an area back inside, away from the chili weather :cold_face:

I’m hyped for yoyo club this weekend at Swan Brewing, Florida Central/West Coast assemble!

Damn Im in Sarasota a bit too far from Lakeland this weekend (I have a birthday to attend sadly lol).

Do y’all ever come all the way to this coast? Lol. I might try to make one in Orlando one of these days.

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Lakeland is the farthest west we have planned at the moment, we’ve done a couple meets in Bradenton but they weren’t very well attended. If you have any ideas for a meetup location near you then please share, the schedule isn’t set in stone.

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Yes, absolutely! We’re always looking for input to help improve the CFYC.

I’m constantly looking for new locations and areas where we might be able to include more of the Central Florida yoyo community. It’s a big state and most are not up to a 2-3 hour drive each way for yoyo club (I am, but I’m crazy).

All the meets for this year have already been planned. However, I haven’t started planning next year, yet. Let’s try to add some more cities to the CFYC Tour in 2025!

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I’ll be at the next one in Orlando. I’m in St Augustine so lakelands a drive!!!

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We need a one time meet in the South Florida area!


Oi, I’m super excited for Yoyo Club this weekend!

Can’t wait to see y’all out in Orlando, we’ll be there from Noon to 4pm. I’ll even have some new prototypes with me for sharing :sunglasses:


hey is the july 14th meet still happening at the address in the flyer?

Unfortunately, Persimmon Hollow has closed and we have not finalized the new location yet. Please check back here next week and we will have a new spot picked out if possible.

Glad this was mentioned!!!

ok thanks

Hey everyone! Thank you all for your patience as we figured out a new location for Orlando’s meeting. Unfortunately, Persimmon Hollow has permanently closed their doors.

East End Market has a beautiful outdoor courtyard, surrounded by boutique shops and eateries! We hope you’ll be able to join us this weekend :grin:

Feel free to save and share this flyer, cheers!