Celcon or Polythurane test?

Is there a way to figure out if your yoyo is polythurane or celcon?
I want to dye my “tour pack two” yoyo.

You could email YYF and ask. That’s probably the easiest way to go.

I did… Nothing…

Celcon feels like soap, and has a ‘dusty’ look when sanded. Celcon CAN NOT be translucent or transparent.

Polycarbonite (what I’m guessing you meant by polyurethane), is/can be translucent/transparent, and typically has a shiny finish.

Yes it is. Thank you! And from what you said It is most likely Polycarbonite, it is white and shiny-ish.
In the event that it is celcon and i dye it with acetone in it… what might happen?

Probably nothing. Celcon is quite chemically resistant.

Celcon has a shine too, but it is duller. Celcon has a very noticeable soapy type feel, so you’d know if you had a celcon yoyo.

Would does the type f plastic effect grinds? Cause Grinds suck. but it doesnt really feel like soap…

Celcon is a much better grinder than just shiny polycarbonite.

If the grinds are really bad, you certainly have polycarbonite.

Ok. Thank you VERY MUCH!!