CC Parser & Unknown ed. Tako - 50 for both

Got a few duplicates in my little collection of CoreCo stuff. Figured I’d send em out into the world.

Original AlleyCat - emerald green, pristine condition, new pink pads, greasy bearing. Responsive radness. 30

Parser - bright blue, a couple small marks but smooth as glass to throw. Just a killer player. 30

Unknown Tako - black as your soul. A couple small marks (also like your soul), so no worries taking it out into the scary world. Unknown x CoreCo makes you cool^2 by association. Check the math. 40
Take em all for 75 or best offer.


This post is coming from INSIDE MY SOUL

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Hey, I’m interested in your AlleyCat. Can you send me a pm because I don’t really know how to navigate the forum controls lol.

To send a PM click or tap the person’s avatar then click “message”.

You can also do this from the user page, if you are on their user page, look for the “message” button.

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AlleyCat is gone - Take the Tako AND Parser for $50 together. #dealz


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