CC G-String just launched

Paul has posted this on a few other forums, but the new blend of G-String’s has just became available on Paul’s site. I just ordered 3 bundles, and I’ll be posting a review soon. Check em out

kewlio. tell me how they play man :slight_smile:

cool. it sound like it is good.

Awsome,cool colors too.

Haha, awesome!

How many are in one?


how mcuh does it cost?

I think it’s a lot. About a dollar per string I think.

I think it depends on the pack you buy but it looks like 40 cents - $1.00 a piece.

They should say how many are in one.

It’s not on the site…

Q.) How many G-strings are in (one) order?
A.) G-String, unless other wise stated in the item description, is sold in 10 packs.

Yes, it’s 10 per pack. And the CC (the reason for this thread) are $10 for 10, so one dollar a piece. The other’s are 5.99 a pack, little cheaper.