cbeckford - Basically... The best BSTer ever

Can I just say, this guy is an ideal seller on the forums. He only had a single feedback when I contacted him about buying some of his yoyos, but he really goes the extra mile for you. He is totally on top of his transactions, he ships promptly, and packages his throws well. As a buyer, I am used to getting one or two PM’s and then feedback, but this guy kept the lines of communication so open that I may as well have been cuddling with him in bed. He made sure I was happy before he shipped, during the shipment, and after I received the throws. I just can’t say enough good things about this guy, he really does work in order to ensure you are as happy as you can be. This guy is the pinnacle of BST transactions anywhere. Don’t let the lack of feedback fool you, this guy knows how to handle himself.

He’s a really nice kid, if you get the chance to meet him. :slight_smile:

Just bought an allyoyo 888 from him a couple days ago. Should get here tomorrow or tuesday :smiley: