Catchy LED Kendama - Challenge the NIGHT

The first ever Polycarbonate Light Up Kendama is here - and WOW is it impressive!

Challenge The Night™ with LED lights. CATCHY® LED is a tough polycarbonate kendama that lets you play into the night. The LED’s are a steady light (not blinking) to give a soothing glow and allows you to focus on the tricks.

Catchy LED Kendama is molded from a strong and high impact polycarbonate built to withstand tough Kendama play. Built to Kendama specifications this is the first plastic Kendama to truly play up to par! Great for both the beginner to learn on or the advanced player for fun at night.

Batteries are easily replaceable and lights easily turn on and off with a switch.


WOW! That looks amazing.

Looks awesome! Love this section :slight_smile:

That looks awesome.

i got to try one of these at our local game store there awesome!

Wish those look very intriguing


I don’t know what it is but it sure looks cool!

Challenge the night… I’ve heard that before. Is this by the same people as fyreflyz?

Edit: my bad. Fyreflyz is own the night.

They are a lot of fun. We are definitely still ‘intermediate’ Kendama players here at YoYoExpert but practicing hard (we have monthly challenges among our staff here to keep us learning!)

But from our experience they are a BLAST to play with and great for learning the ‘basic’ catches, etc. And of course in the dark they really ‘wow’!