Catch 22...


Yeah, this isn’t going to be about what you think it is… :wink:

I understand that everyone wants their little nitch to grow. I have no doubt that most people feel the same way about this place. I’ll admit that, to a certain degree, I do too.

There are “other” places out there we could be. I know, as I lurk on them on occasion. These occasions I speak of are normally all it takes for me to realize this place is the place to be.

For example, I just read a thread “somewhere else” that has to do with “yoyo cosmetics” as it’s alleged subject. I’ll not be linking the thread, as it’s not here and NOT IN ANY WAY kid/family friendly. Should you go looking you’ve been warned. NOT a “G-Rated” thread. Language and flames abound within it.

This “somewhere else” has threads like this on the daily.

It’s my fond hope that we grow, just never big enough to deal with that sort of thing. What’s so hard about moderating nonsense like that?

I just don’t get it… and I’m sorry for venting about it…


What I am thinking happened to the other place is that people weren’t as friendly as we are here. This created a hostile atmosphere, so people would just flame there. However, because YoYoExpert is full of kind, and polite individuals, it has stayed as a profesional place, and therefore staying unhostile.

Personally, I just want to say thanks to all of you who have taken the effort to make YoYoExpert Forums a kind and welcoming place. Thanks Guys


P.S: How does this name relate to this?

(Mark) #3

I believe here in YoYoeXpert, we are a community that has a “good” set of morals/ethics in which all of us abide to. We understand that all of us enjoy yoyoing; not anything of those non-g-rated forums. Yoyoexpert provides this environment in which we can grow to respect the sport as well as the community. Whereas corruption of power (moderation) as well as the greed from “non-g-rated” sponsors lead to what we here at Yoyoexpert prevent. I am sure our community will grow in maturity and will not go this direction. If any of us do go to these sites, they will not be swayed by these ethics and know that these should not invade our minds.

The bottom line: Guys/Gals I am sure none of us will go that way.

The Yoyo Lives On!!!



Wow. Well said, sir.

Bordering on Stoicism in spots, but well said. :wink:

(Mark) #5

Hahaha. Sorry about those, I don’t know why but I do that alot. :stuck_out_tongue: