Before people start saying there already is a collection thread. I’m making this in the hopes of something a little different. Post pics of your case and collection rather than just saying what your collection is. I’ll start

I just wanted one brain and the guy send me all of this lol

These are old pictures, my collection has changed alot since then, and this is just one of my many cases…

The good old guitar case eh?

Bump for hoping it will catch on

(see avatar) :wink:

i dont have enough yoyos to warrant a case lol :’( one day! one day! lol

I am thinking about making one that just fits two and is like a small messenger bag.

I want to make one… but don’t have the materials. I’m thinking of just using a pencil case, but want to line it with something. Just a little case for like 4 yoyos and lube, string, bearings.etc

I got it! A metal lunchbox!

in addition to the above:
junk: (no idea what all is in these shelves. i imagine some of the older ones have been breeding.)

my pocket suffices for contests, but if i were to pack up and visit some hypothetical magic-yo-yo-land like worlds-for-a-month or something, i have a hyper box, and it was actually kinda fun to pretend what i’d want to have with me if i up and moved to the namib desert … but short of that, i can’t imagine ever bringing a case full of yo-yo’s anywhere again. i feel bad for the kids i see at contests lugging them around like a ball n chain, feeling like they have to check in on it every few seconds instead of trading tricks and hanging with friends. but to each their very own.

stuff i’d [hypothetically?] tote: