Cascade, Arctic Circle, OG Bapezilla ft/fs


alright , mods moved my old bst to archived trades, so im just going to do a small one.
I have:

one cascade(dietz, mib)
one Arctic Circle(copper acid, mint)
one OG Bapezilla( not quite mint, no dings, just paint scratches)
one yyf 2012 genesis(black and yellow, mint)
one yyf 2012 supernova( grey and gold, one prick)
id trade any of these straight up for a wooly marmot or puffin except for the bapezilla
offer more, also cash offers.

i also have pre production CYYC Heavy Hitter 3’smessage me


If you don’t put picture of your stuff up, the mods’ll probably send this one to the archives too.


See? :slight_smile:

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