Canvas Test 2 (With a new dance)

Sick! Loved it. Great trick and the dance was so smooth.

Nice tricks man, I wish I could afford a CLYW throw! :stuck_out_tongue:

Classy, smooth, Team CLYW worthy.

But you goin be callin me classy when you see the dance im working up for my next video. Call me a copy cat but you’re getting views… Gnarwhal Test #1 coming December 31st :stuck_out_tongue:

So we’re doing a dance thing now? Maybe I’ll work up a little something… :wink:

Oh you’re on.

Oh you guys are all going down! Chief test coming up = dance :smiley: (Great job again Coleman!)

Hahaha Sweet! Ya’ll will have to send them to me!

Code 2 test #1 is coming January 1st!

what song is in this and sweet video!

Theory Hazit - Out With A Bang