Players: Miggy Hizon / Paolo Alto
Yoyos used: Alpha Crash (C3) / Classic (YYJ)
Strings: CandyWires Fat type
Music: Like a Summer Breeze by Paper Diamond

Thank you for Watching!

(UmeNagisa) #2

I was already at a loss for words as I was watching.
Then I found my voice at 1:14 screaming WHAT?!
So… Great job You guys!
Some lovely stuff :slight_smile:




Thanks, dude! We really try to put a hard earned “WHAT” into every viewers heart :3
Thank you for taking the time to watch!


Super cool! I just started playing with a counterweight recently. Its a ton of fun


Thanks! Share the 5a lovin~


I would be impressed, but they’re obviously robots. I mean, no human is that perfect.


Thanks bro! As for being robots, lets leave that to the Japanese XDDD


Some really great stuff in there. Nice! :smiley:


Thanks! We’ll try to put out more stuff soon C: