Candy and drugs….

Why is candy marketed like drugs…I mean…I remember when I was a kid…and candy was like a drug…spending your whole allowance on candy….shoplifting candy…Do drug addicts write candy commercials…? and why do pharmaceutical companies and candy companies make their products look the same….? Is candy the gateway drug…?

this one is a bad trip…

Their just trying to persuade you into buying their stuff. I don’t think they mean to do that, just to be persuasive is what their trying to really do.

what happens when he touches skittles

My question is why is he working at this packing/book store place….he could make a lot more money for that baby boy working for Wrigley….
Cereal commercials are filled with addicts too……

No matter what you say… good skittles ads.

I want some tropical skittles because i read all of that…thanks popdada… >:(

Me too.

They do taste pretty good.
Anyways, Why does it even matter?

I’m addicted to Gobstoppers and Vanilla Coke!

Vannila coke was great. I wish they had it at resteraunts though…

This one is worse

The only drug i need is Charlie Sheen :stuck_out_tongue:

pocket god charlie rulez

im a high priest vatican assassin warlock

looks at title,“mmmmmmm… my favorite”