Canceled my first yoyo on and off about 4 times now. - I need to re-evaluate.

I need to re-evaluate my options of what i can get for under £15 Since they don’t work on sundays,it’s bank-holiday monday tommorow.I have two days.

Get a velocity or a fhzero

I belive 15 pounds is more than $15

You can get lots of good throws for 23 USD

Lyn Fury

and More

get a protostar off the BST

I speak dollars not pounds so I don’t know the budget here … But my favorite from the ones above is the velocity

I love my Lyn Fury and my FH2 both in your price range. If you get an FH2 I suggest swapping out the friction stickers for silicone stickers.

Agreed, and clean the bearing too. I would also have to say either a FHZ or Kickside. Both are solid throws at a great price.

If you know how to bind get a legacy if not a velocity.

Lol I have the same problem… first I wanted a hand candy, then a leviathan 2, then a torino, then a remnant, and now I want a gnarwhal…

Btw i reccomend velocity