Canadian Nationals - Save the date Aug. 30, 2014

Official announcement: The Canadian National Return Top Competition will be held in Vancouver, BC at the Telus World of Science on August 30th, 2014. Details to come. Mark your calendars, book your tickets, and please SHARE THIS AROUND, spread the word far and wide, this contest is going to be HUGE!

Canadian Nationals was amazing.  We had a blast, competition was fierce.  Results are posted here

Congratulations to Luckey Li of King Yo Star, the new Canadian Champion and Michael Witteman (4a) the new Open Division Champion.

Big thanks to Yoyoexpert for Platinum sponsoring this event.


Thanks. That helps me with the FYYL dates.

Right on! Canada has some great talent!

Living on the American side of the Canadian border, I am psyched for this.

I haven’t sorted out details yet, but we will be having an international division, so American’s are welcome to come up and compete!